Return Policy

When the case occurs in which the product arrives damaged, ShopChula must be notified immediately to begin the process of a replacement.

The request for replacement will be made in accordance with the following:

1. Once your order has been received, it will take no more than 24 hours to notify ShopChula .

2. The notification must be made by sending an-email to the following email address: [email protected] requesting the replacement and together with it, attach a photo of the damaged product.

3. Chula, will make repositions of the merchandise exclusively for purchases made in the App. The replacement will only be possible as long as the product is not altered, used, open, with finger marks, wet (or any other damage) by the client.

4. ShopChula reserves the right to perform or not the physical evaluation of the product.

5. Your product will be replaced when we receive your next order. For this, it is necessary that, at the time of making a new order, write us an email to [email protected], mention the new order number and / or confirmation and remind us of the damage occurred in order to request replacement. Note: In case you no longer want to place another order with us, the cost of the new shipment must be paid in full by the customer.

NO changes, refills or returns will be made in the following cases:

a)That the products were marked on sale or with discounts (This also applies to the products in Kit or with any type of discount).
b) If the product was used or opened.
c) If the packaging or product is not the original.
d) If the packaging has non-original labels or is violated.
e) If the product is scratched, bumpy, dirty or with another form of abuse due to customer reasons.
f) For other reasons outside Chula.
g) The cost of the product will NOT be returned in cash, deposit or transfer: only a product identical to the one previously purchased will be delivered to the customer and if the product purchased previously has been used up, an agreement could be reached with the customer to change the product for a similar or of equal commercial value but never reimbursement of this.